Recycling Machine for a Controlled and Selective Process of Used and Damaged Products


Why SaveReturn ?

SaveReturn is designed as a subordinate unit, which means that its operations are managed by a main unit, to which it is connected. Your employees can return used, damaged, dirty or other objects, which they have taken from the main machine.

  • 1 - 3 compartments with variable sizes of each bag
  • It is possible to define which items MUST be and which MAY be returned
  • It is possible to set that an old item must be returned before a new one is dispensed. The dispensing of a new item can be based on the return of the same, used item or a different item,
  • This means that you can limit the total number of items, which an employee has in their possession before receiving another item.
  • You have the option to collect one type of item into several dispensers in relation to the status of the given item, e.g. one type of gloves can be sorted to those which can still be used, washed or those which are to be thrown out, or there is zero liquidation required as is the case with hazardous waste.


  • SaveReTurn will take a photograph of each returned item and this record is automatically connected to the transaction, i.e. to the specific user
  • The record transaction is saved into the database and can be viewed from anywhere in the control software