Cabinet Vending Machine

SaveRent professional industrial vending machine allows you to store, distribute and return frequently used valuable tools and objects. The system saves each transaction and records which user accessed what item. SaveRent also monitors tools, which are currently on loan and provides users the option to check the current position and status of products.

Why SaveRent ?

  • 100% control over tool status
  • Detailed overviews - put together the data you need and have it be sent to you in planned intervals
  • Define how tools may be used: where they will be placed and stored
  • Secure your inventory and the entire vending system to make sure that only designated people have access to the products
  • Automatic email reports to users and system administrators
  • Product life-cycle management

Transaction Course

  • An employee logs into the vending machine interface either with a PIN code, a company RFID card or a bar code.
  • Selects the items available to him/her. The employee will receive information on tools, which are not available or which are currently on loan on the touchscreen.
  • The employee determines the period for which they will use the tool during the loan process, presses the "Rent" button and the corresponding position containing the tool will open.
  • Once the task is completed, the employee returns the tool back into the device. Once the status change is entered, the same door opens automatically so that the employee replaces the loaned object with the returned object.
  • If there is a problem, the selection of the corresponding status automatically notifies the administrator and blocks the product from subsequent use.