Carousel Vending Machine

SaveRing is a versatile industrial vending machine with the option to receive and distribute up to 540 unique products. SaveRing combines four basic operations: assigns a product for one-time use; also for loaning, monitoring and returning multi-purpose tools; reservation of used objects; and returns of used items. All transactions are recorded and assigned to individual users.

Why SaveRing ?

  • 100% control over the use and distribution of a product (on the user-level as well)
  • Ideal for fragile, heavy and liquid objects (they do not fall into the receipt bin)
  • Front panels are not transparent so employees can see only those products on the touchscreen, to which they have access
  • Extremely well-rounded dispensing of products and the option to spread them out
  • Fast replacement of any item
  • Fast and reliable support system

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SaveRing provides four features: it can concurrently distribute, loan, return and reserve products. One position, e.g. can be configured so that a product is dispensed as a consumable, while that same product can be loaned from another position and once work is completed, returned to that same position. Returns entail the collection and storing of used or damaged products, which basically transfer certain positions to a recycling location. A reservation allows users to select products and reserve them either for themselves or for a department for a period of up to 30 days. All of these options can work together on one machine.