Drawer Vending Machine

An individual solution concept for inventory management in a standard tool cabinet with individual access. Smart Drawer versatile solution allows users to select the most suitable method of controlling and accessing individual products. The drawers in the Smart Drawer can be set up so that you have absolute control over the dispensing of individual items and goods. The choice is yours.

SmartDrawer Features

  • Easy User Interface - Pick-to-light system with simple searching and item selection (with the help of diodes that light up the selected product)
  • A quick and easy selection of items – a customized system for selection of items – take out or return, loan, receive goods into storage, remove goods from storage, select only etc.
  • Complete control and searchability of goods – displaying individual items, who used them and when
  • Product search option - by individual items or based on parts numbersů


Plug and Go!