Traditional and wireless connectivity options move data easily and securely from device to a data management system. It also creates seamless data flows to existing information systems.

  • Simple transfer of data
  • Easy interface with existing systems
  • ERP and procurement systems automatically receive information on movement of goods
  • Send automatic updates for changes to work orders, job numbers, department changes, etc.


Manage Inventory Levels with Accurate, Timely Reports 

With our systems you have the visibility to effectively manage consumable and reusable inventory with more than 100 different standard reports in drill-down format which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Operations managers, as well as procurement and finance departments, can set up report emails to be sent automatically for better decision-making.


We Provide First-Rate Data Security

Prolog Vending offers a solution for management and distribution of materials with secured access to information on movement of the material. Data security is paramount in any environment.


The Elements

  • Prolog Vending devices that provide easy, flexible inventory management at the work cell
  • First-class systems that service corresponding vending devices, provide access to information and manage data in real time
  • Secure portal

    - Dedicated, encrypted portal isolates communication from the public and the rest of ProLog Vending systems

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