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Thanks to the ProLog Vending machines, you will quickly get a complete overview of the status of all your stocks. You can easily find an immediate consumption, amount of borrowed tools or e.g. tools needed for calibration. So the time you spent by searching and checking the required amount of tools will be rapidly reduced.

Systems that operate respective vending machines also watch over all goods that need to be ordered at the moment, so that it can automatically generate an order to secure a permanent supply of everything that is necessary for the smooth running of any production.


All information and data management work in real time. So all you have to do is be online and you can have a complete activity history safely generated in a summary report from wherever it is needed.

Data security is a priority for us, so those users who do not like to rely on online world, we also offer the option of storing all data on own company server or on a server built directly in the vending machine.


Currently, we have over 380 devices installed in 14 countries around the world.

And of course, every customer can rely on our first class service throughout the whole life of the every device.

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