Installation of CribWise in PHARMIX, s.r.o.

Dormer Pramet continues to We are always trying to improve the quality of our customers service and products to customers, including its vending offer for warehouse management. This year ProLog Vending started offering a dispensing system developed by parent company Sandvik called CribWise. The first installation of this system in the Czech Republic was at our customer PHARMIX, s.r.o.

The company PHARMIX, s.r.o. is one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. A majority of the production is for custom equipment, such as  from corrosion-resistant and noble steels for pressure vessels, reservoirs, reactors, process tanks, fluid dryers, conveyors and centrifuges.

Due to the high consumption of tools in production, the company decided in 2021 to place an automated vending system in production. In preparation, the company established the primary requirements for the automated dispensing system:

  • Full control of flow and inventory of tools
  • Coverage of workers' needs during working hours (including Saturday shift)
  • Monitoring consumption of tools per employee
  • Current inventory of tools
  • Generating automatic orders to individual suppliers
  • Returning used tools

In March 2022, the vending machine was installed onsite and employees were trainedin the company's production in March 2022, when competent employees were trained. An accurate quantification of customer cost savings is not possible; however, in the short time of operation, the customer already confirms the following advantages of the system:

  • Creation of regular orders has reduced inventory
  • The warehouse worker who previously dispensed tools is more efficiently allocated to warehouse operations
  • Allocation of returned used tools to the machine
  • Accurate record of consumption per user
  • Reduction of tool consumption (so far evaluated only on the basis of refilling the machine)

The ProLog Vending system has solved the need for manual record keeping of tools and simplified the process of dispensing the most used tools, further strengthened our position as a simply reliable supplier of quality services and products.

When the customer needs to solve a problem in the field of tools in the future, he will turn to us with confidence.


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